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Egy-Africa Solar Energy & Desert Development Expo.                                              Incorporating energy storage, energy management techniques and Renewable Energies.    Desert-Tec 2022 is the first expo in Egypt that focuses on the Egyptian desert.


Desert-Tec is the first Expo in Egypt focuses on the Egyptian desert. The desert is the Egyptian treasure of the future and it is the mine of natural resources, and the goal of future generations that will seek to expand areas of living and production outside Wadi and Delta. Egypt has placed its hopes on developing its vast and empty deserts as the ultimate solution to the country’s problems. New cities, new farms, new industrial zones. The sun delivers more energy to the earth in just one hour than is used worldwide in one year. This energy can be utilized in many ways especially after realizing that the world should shift over to the use of clean renewable energies–especially, the solar energy–for meeting and securing its energy requirements of the future, and also for safeguarding the environment from further deterioration. Using solar thermal technologies and Photovoltaic’s (PV) technologies are proved to be the most suitable for Arab lands.

A series of workshops, seminars parallel with conference sessions to discuss Africa’s needs in terms of 4 Verticals (Infrastructure such as buildings, neighborhoods, roads, communication, and homeland security systems), Energy such as storage, & decentralization of energy systems from natural resources in the desert: solar and heat, Water such as management of water resources in arid areas; storage, transportation, and utilization of floodwaters and Agriculture as a unique approach to agriculture adapted to the desert in the fields of food, cosmetics or medicine

Co-Located Events

Scope of Exhibits

  • Batteries
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Biogas
  • Caravan andSshelters
  • Climate Control Systems
  • Concentrated Solar Power
  • Controllers
  • Converters
  • DC Chargers
  • Deep- cycle batteries
  • Deep Water Well Drilling Pumps
  • Desert Farming

Scope of Exhibits

  • Desert Irrigation Systems
  • Electro mobility
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Exploration Equipment
  • Farm Fish equipment
  • Generators
  • Geothermal energy
  • Green Houses – Renewable Energy
  • Green hydrogen
  • Hydrogen energy
  • Hydrogen energy storage

Scope of Exhibits

  • Hydrogen fuel cell
  • Hydrogen production
  • Hydropower (Large & Small)
  • LED Lighting
  • Liquid biofuels
  • Modern Irrigation Systems
  • Mounting Equipment
  • Packaging – Grading, Sorting and Packing Lines
  • Pipes
  • Power storage
  • Pumps
  • Solar Central Inverters
  • Solar Grid-Connected Inverters

Scope of Exhibits

  • Solar Heating/Cooling
  • Solar Hot Water & Heat Pumps
  • Solar Hybrid Inverters
  • Solar Irrigation
  • Solar Micro Inverters
  • Solar Off-Grid Inverters
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Solid Biomass
  • Vertical Farming
  • Water Treatment
  • Wind Energy