Egyptian product locally, regionally and internationally

Eng. Amr Shawki: We support the local industry to raise the value of the Egyptian product locally, regionally and internationally

The World Today Written by: Sherine Sami

                                                                                                                               On April 5, 2022

Egytec Engineering Co. the leading engineering company in organizing specialized engineering exhibitions and conferences since 1990, announced its intention to launch the first industrial expo in Egypt under the name, Egy-Africa Engineering  Industries & Innovations Expos (7iGears), from 4 to 6 December 2022 at Cairo International Convention Center (CICC) in Nasr City

The umbrella of Egy-Africa Engineering Industries & Innovations Expos (7i-Gears) includes the following expos:

  1. Electro-Tec

Egy-Africa Electro-Technical Expo

Incorporating generation, transmission and distribution. HVAC, Smart Grid solutions, metering & modern lighting.

  1. Fire-Tec & Secure-Tec

Egy-Africa Fire , Safety, Digital identity & Security Solutions Expo

Incorporating Fire trucks, personal security and security innovations. 

  1. Pump & Valve Tec

Egy-Africa Pumps, Piping, Fittings and Valves Expo

Incorporating water technologies and irrigation innovations.

  1. Desert-Tec

Egy-Africa Solar Energy & Desert Development  Expo

Incorporating energy storage, energy management techniques and Renewable Energies.

  1. Lift-Tec

Egy-Africa Lifts and Hydroelectric Expo

Incorporating passenger, glass, service & trolley lifts. Platforms, escalators, moving walkways & travelators.

  1. AIM-Tec

Egy-Africa Automation & Intelligent Manufacturing Expo

Incorporating industrial robotics and smart applications.

  1. SIM-Tec

Egy-Africa Supporting Industries & Manufacturing Expo

Incorporating testing, calibration, tools, instrumentation, technical education, advanced manufacturing & spare parts.

In this context, Eng. Amr Galal Shawki, Chairman, Egytec Engineering Co. stated that this great event comes after a careful and careful study of the development of engineering industries in Egypt and its promising opportunities for expansion and access to African, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean markets.

And he added, the launch of the event coincides with the development and urbanization movement in Egypt, which is unprecedented in its modern history.

He continued: “The dream of holding a major international regional event to serve the Egyptian industry and trade is a dream that we have always dreamed of. The slogan “Made in Africa for Africa”, and we hope to participate, support and care for all institutions operating in the field of industry, trade, energy, equipment, testing, measurement, calibration, industrial automation, artificial intelligence, communications, transportation and heavy industries, so that the event comes out annually in a manner befitting the broad history of the Egyptian industry and contribute to the modernization of the industry, raising the efficiency of the workforce and opening new job opportunities for young people, promising and expanding participation in industrial projects in the region because of Egypt’s vast experiences and capabilities that it will not skimp on neighboring countries.

He added that the Egy-Africa Engineering Industries & Innovations Expos (7iGears) is the dream of all supporters of the Egyptian local industry and those who wish to flourish and raise the value of the Egyptian product locally, regionally and internationally.


Author: Wael

Event Detail

October 29 to 31, 2022
Cairo International Convention &
Exhibition Center(CCC).

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