Why 7igears?

7iGears is coming at a crucial time for Egypt and Africa. Egypt started a revolutionary development plan since the year 2015 by setting very high standard goals and targets. Egypt is witnessing the largest economic reform in recent history and expanding in various directions. With a wealth of heritage and the oldest civilization, Egyptians are keen on enhancing the lives of our 100 million proud Egyptians.

7iGears is focusing this year on seven segments and an integrated bouquet of seven industrial events tagged:

Egy-Africa Electro-Technical Expo
Incorporating generation, transmission and distribution. HVAC, Smart Grid solutions, metering & modern lighting.

Fire-Tec & Secure-Tec
Egy-Africa Fire , Safety, Digital identity & Security Solutions Expo
Incorporating Fire trucks, personal security and security innovations.

Pump & Valve Tec
Egy-Africa Pumps, Piping, Fittings and Valves Expo
Incorporating water technologies and irrigation innovations. Desert-Tec Egy-Africa Solar Energy & Desert Development Expo Incorporating energy storage, energy management techniques and Renewable Energies.

Egy-Africa Lifts and Hydroelectric Expo
Incorporating passenger, glass, service & trolley lifts. Platforms, escalators, moving walkways & travelators.

Egy-Africa Automation & Intelligent Manufacturing Expo
Incorporating industrial robotics and smart applications.

Egy-Africa Supporting Industries & Manufacturing Expo
Incorporating testing, calibration, tools, instrumentation, technical education, advanced manufacturing & spare parts.

Egytec Engineering is backed with over 30 years of experience in running industrial based events. Egytec Engineering is one of the rare organizations in the world of events management which is run by qualified engineers for the engineering and manufacturing arenas. At 7iGears 2022 you will be able to CONNECT with visitors from Egypt and Africa representing government officials, consultants, specifiers, system integrators, academics, decision makers, contractors and investors. NETWORK with key industry strategic players as well as project owners industry experts LEARN about the opportunities in Egypt and Africa through several B2B meetings, Industrial and commercial seminars as well as Educational Workshops and conferences.

7iGears is made in Africa for Africa showcasing these critical role players by the intelligent manifesting and smart technologies in the development of the African Continent.

7iGears will open doors to exhibitors, visitors, and business partners from the four corners of the world.
Egytec Engineering has a track record in delivering high level engineering events since 1990.

Exhibiting Procedures

Please contact Mr.Ashraf Fahmy

Floor plan


4th – 6th December 2022 - Cairo International
Convention Center (CICC)


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Special Stands

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