Egy-Africa Supporting Industries & Manufacturing Expo.                  Incorporating testing, calibration, tools, instrumentation, technical education, advanced manufacturing & spare parts. Egy–Africa Supporting                Industries and Manufacturing.
SIM-Tec is aiming to show the latest in such industries which help                      to improve performance.

SIM -Tec

Egy–Africa Supporting Industries and Manufacturing Expo (SIM-Tec) is aiming to show the latest in such industries which help to improve performance, increase productivity and achieve integration in the engineering industries sector among the various industrial divisions, as well as deepening the local industry by replacing imported production requirements with local ones. The industrial sector is still full of investment opportunities required to achieve the government’s strategy to deepen local manufacturing & expand to reach the African & regional markets soon.

SIM-Tec will be covering a very wide range of systems and products securing the entire industrial manufacturing sectors.

A series of workshops, seminars parallel with conference sessions will be running during the event period to discuss Africa’s needs in terms of industrial tools, welding and cutting equipment, related manufacturing process, testing & Calibration instruments, spare parts and Technical Educations.

Co-Located Events

Scope of Exhibits

  • Air Conditioning Testing
  • Air Hammers
  • Air Saws
  • Air Tool Maintenance
  • Air/Cordless Protective Boot Covers
  • Amplifiers testers
  • Body Repair Tools
  • casting continuous machine
  • casting low-pressure machine
  • Circuit Testers
  • CNC Router & Laser Engraving Machines
  • Construction and Building Products
  • Consumer Products

Scope of Exhibits

  • Cooling System Testing
  • Cut-Off Tools
  • Cutting and Scraping
  • Dial Torque Wrenches
  • Die Grinders
  • Digital Multi meters
  • Drill Bits
  • Drills
  • Electronic Torque Wrenches and Adapters
  • Extracting and Rethreading
  • High Volume, Automated Assembly
  • Impact Wrenches
  • Industrial Manufacturing

Scope of Exhibits

  • Meters & counters
  • Micrometer Torque Wrenches
  • Mobile network testing
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Packaging
  • Plasma Cutting Machines
  • Power supplies
  • Scan Tools
  • Screwdrivers and Bits
  • Sheet Metal Working Machines
  • Signal generators
  • Smoke Machine and Leak Detection
  • Special Machine Builders and Integrators

Scope of Exhibits

  • Specialty Testers
  • Split Beam Torque Wrenches
  • stamping machines
  • Tool Bags
  • Waterjet Cutting Machines
  • Welding Electrodes and Wires
  • Welding Machines
  • Wireless device testers and systems
  • Wood Working Machines
  • Workbenches and Cabinets
  • Workstations